Peta Tank Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q1.How do you assemble the Peta tank?
  • Introducing how to assemble the Peta tank movie.

  • Q2.Which coil heads should I buy?
  • Please purchase JUSTFOG FOG1 coil heads[0.5Ω/0.8Ω].

    If you own an OCC coil gender kit, there are also choices of other KangerTech coil heads [SUBTANK Series/TOPTANK Series/SUBVOD Series/Protank-4/NEBOX].
  • Q3.Sometimes Peta tank gets leaking of juice.it leaks. Is there any countermeasure?
  • The Solution may be found by checking the following.

    - Check the PEEK insulator in the base part (the metal part located at the bottom) installed correctly

    - Check each part is sufficiently tightened.

    - Make sure that O-ring is properly installed.
  • Q4.It tastes strange(/muted). / It smells like it's burnt.
  • The reasons for them may be the following.

    "The inner cotton has been burnt because..."
    - you tried to vape without filling the ejuice enough.
    - you had been vaping too much at high pace.

    In any cases, please change the coil head for the solution.
    Please kindly make sure that coil heads are consumable goods so the taste would be slowly chages even if you use correctly.
  • Q5.Is the Pico V1/V2 compatible with Peta Tank?
  • The optional parts below are compatible with Peta Tank.

    - Ultem spare tank (compatible with Pico V2)
    - Ultem Top Cap (Pico V1 / V2 compatible)
    - PMMA tank (compatible with Pico V2)
    - PMMA top cap (Pico V1 / V2 compatible)
    - SS Engleave top cap (compatible with Pico V1 / V2)
    - Pico Short DT (Pico V1 / V2 compatible)
    - PEEK insulator (compatible with Pico V1 / V2)
    - MTL kit (only available with the KangerTech RBA gender / Pico V2 compatible)
  • Q6.How do you build the Kanger Mini RBA Plus? Is there any recommendation?
  • It depends what ejuice you use and your taste is like but we offer an idea of using Ni80 28g wire, 2.5mm core 7wraps.
    This should be around 1.0Ω.

    Introducing detailed build method with the following movie.