Femto BF - よくあるご質問

Femto FAQ
  • Q1. The regular positive pin is missing. / I want to use my Femto-BF on a MOD which isn’t a squonker (BF MOD).
  • The main concept of Femto-BF is being used as a squonker. A regular positive pin isn’t contained in the original package however, we are selling a regular positive pin as an option.

    - Femto Regular Positive Pin (without hole)
  • Q2. I get liquid leaking when I charge the juice by pushing the BF juice bottle.
  • In order to make the inner space very narrow, the juice well of Femto-BF is made almost only for the wick (cotton). Therefore, it possibly gets leaked easily when you push the BF juice bottle as strong as you usually do for the other RDAs. Please push the BF bottle softly to make cotton gets wet with the e-juice.

  • Q3. I want to disassemble every part to wash up. How can I take the center bottom air hole from the black peek deck?
  • Please do not take it off. The center bottom air hole is press-fitted. It will hardly be fixed or in the worst case, will not be fixed if you take it off forcibly. This is really unfortunate but we will be unable to help you with this issue.

    Center bottom airflow  
  • Q4. Why is the cap threaded instead of O-ring to fit with the deck?
  • We suppose that the ordinary caps of RDAs are set by o-rings which are easy for taking off and dripping ejuice smooth. The threaded cap is to be more concentrated on being prepared for the leaking risk because Femto-BF is less needed to be juice charged by dripping.
  • Q5. Do you have any setting recommendation for the best flavor?
  • The deck of Femto BF RDA is simple and suitable for any kinds of single coil setting including claptons. At this point, we would introduce the settings which are easy to make.

    DL [without MTL plug]
    - Kanthal-A1 Grade 26G
    2.5mm cored, 7 wraps, Micro coil

    - Ni70 25G
    3.0mm cored, 6 wraps, Micro coil

    MTL [with MTL plug]
    - Kanthal-A1 Grade 28G
    2.5mm cored, 5 wraps, Spaced coil

    - Kanthal-A1 Grade 27G
    2.5mm cored, 6 wraps, Micro coil
  • Q6. What is the air draw like? Is it MTL or DL?
  • You will find Femto-BF semi-DL but you can insert the MTL plug (inner diameter 1.5mm) into the bottom air hole to make it MTL.

  • Q7. Are there any optional parts?
  • Yes, the optional parts below are available for Femto-BF.

    - Ultem cap and AFC ring set
    - Black PEEK cap and BAFC ring set
    - Ultem Drip tip [inner diameter: 3mm]
    - Regular positive pin (Without hole)
    - Femto Silicone Oring set
  • Q8. I can’t find the serial number.
  • Take off the AFC ring. The serial number of Femto-BF positioned above the “Femto” on the base part.

    Serial Number  
  • Q9. How can I know that my Femto-BF is authentic?
  • Please visit the web page below. You can do the authentication check.
    Femto-BF Authentication