Fluorine processed super fine PROMIST scissors by Canary JAPAN

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Fluorine processed super fine PROMIST scissors by Canary JAPAN

This Canary brand super fine scissors which has "PROMIST" logo engraved is manufacturered by a Japanese cutlery manufacturer called Hasegawa Cutlery founded in 1933. Flexible cotton cut easily with this super sharp scissors and gives you no stress on process of changing wicks.


This is really small but fits perfect to your hand. The tip is really sharp and gives you easy access to small area of your rebuildable atomizer deck.


Furthermore, it has fluoric coat on inner side of the blades.  The blades will not get sticky, even if you cut the cotton with juice soaked into it.
Try this super high quality Japan made scissors we recommend. You will feel the overwhelming difference for sure.

Size(H x W x D): 105mm x 53mm x 5mm
Package Size(H x W x D); 200mm x 83mm x 10mm
Blade length: 18mm
Weight: 13g

Blade: Stainless steel
Grip: ABS (acrylonitrile‐butadiene‐styrene)




¥1,630 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥1,482)
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¥2,041 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥1,855)
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