EVM by Estoque Mods [Silver]

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EVM by Estoque Mods [Silver]


A masterpiece, mechanical squonker MOD, "EVM" by Estoque Mods has come up with dual mosfets.
Estoque Mods from Taiwan is a professional of metal processing that had released a beautiful RDTA "ES-Z" a year and half ago.

Its Aluminum body frame is beautifully brushed up and quite light.


Use 18650 battery with this mod, EVM.  The weight of EVM is only 73.5 grams.  Push the button on the back to slide the frame off to change the bottle or for maintenance.  All the parts of this mod are clicky and easy to feel the high precision of the product.


The 510 connector is silver plated and not spring loaded.  Use a hex wrench to adjust the contact. An o-ring is placed on this connector part to prevent the leaking from the atomizers.



EVM is a dual mosfet MOD so has various useful functions.
Low Ohm Protection (0.075ohm), 8 secs cut off and Reverse polarity protection f
or safe use.
Switch LED light tells you a remaining of a battery with 3 colours. (Stealth mode available)

mosfet "RTS" inform you the low remaining battery with 3times vibration. (30% or 3.5V)



Also at the wiring part, EVM has unique wiring. The vinyl covered cables are not used.  It is incorporated with the juice connector part and protected.  Very low risk of disconnection. 
1 stainless steel juice nozzle cap is contained with EVM.  Set this cap on a bottle and insert it to the juice connector.  Once you insert the bottle until it clicks, the bottle is stabled.



- RTS1.0 iVibe tech mosfet

- EVM user manual (Powered by RTS 1.0 iVibe
mosfet module)

- Battery level LED light indicator:
Green - 70-100%
White - 30-70%
Red - 0-30%

- Power Lock/ Unlock:
Press the power button 3 times consecutively within 2 seconds to lock/ unlock

- Switch LED light On/ Off:
When power locked, press& hold the power button 3 seconds to switch On/ Off the LED light

- iVibe-tech functions:
1. Power off ( Locked) - vibrates once
2. Power on ( Unlocked) -   vibrates twice
3. Low battery reminder - vibrates 3 times ( Voltage drops to 30% or below 3.5V) LED turns to Red
4. Power cut off/ Power securing - vibrates 3 times& red LED flashes 3 times ( When
battery voltage drops to 3.2V) battery discharged
5. Short circuit warning- Red LED flashes 5 times + vibrates twice ( No power outputs)

Other Safety Protections :
Low ohm protection 0.075ohm
8secs power switch protection
Reverse polarity protection

Size:73.5 (510base) x 45.5 x 26mm
MOSFET:RTS1.0 Dual mosfet (RTS1.0 iVibe tech mosfet)
510 connector:Silver plated
Battery connector:Gold plated
Squonk bottle:Food grade silicone used "Estoque SQ bottle" (1 x Semi-transparent bottle comes with EVM)
Bottle capacituy:10ml 
Battery:18650(not contained in this package)
Options:Estoque SQ bottles with caps(Dark Grey / Red)

EVM x 1
Estoque SQ bottle with a juice nozzle (Semi-transparent) x1
Spare O-ring set x1
Authentication card x1
EVM original pouch x1



¥1,580 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥1,463)
¥1,580 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥1,463)
¥1,580 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥1,463)
¥1,000 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥926)
¥1,000 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥926)