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Kanthal A-1 Clapton Wire

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Promist Clapton Wires (Kanthal A-1)

Promist brand clapton comes with 10 sticks (125mm) in a tube.
30 sticks value pack is also available.

This narrow clapton will perfectly fit with tiny atomzier deck such as Pico RTA or other regular rebuildable decks. 

- Narrow clapton serieas for tiny RTAs

- Flat / Fused clapton is also narower than regular clapton and may fit any other RDA/RTA.



Series of norrow size claptons

Narrow Flat Clapton is newly added to narrow family
Flat / Fused clapton now comes with new norrower size
You are able to use Coiling kit



Flat Clapton
0.4mm × 0.8mm + 0.1mm (2.5mm core / 5 wraps/ ±0.5Ω)
Recommend Regular RBA
Fused Clapton
0.35mm x twist + 0.2mm (2.5mm core / 5 wraps / ±0.5Ω)
Recommned Rergular RBA
Narrow Clapton 
0.3mm x 0.1mm (2.5mm core / 5 wraps / ±1.0Ω)
0.4mm x 0.1mm (2.5 mmcore / 5 wraps / ±0.7Ω)
Rrecommend Single build deck RTA
Narrow Flat Clapton 
0.4mm × 0.6mm + 0.1mm (2.5mm core  / 5 wraps / ±0.5Ω)
Recommned Single build deck RTA / RDA 





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